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Defence and Aerospace Cranes

High-integrity lifting and handling solutions for safety critical defence applications

The Challenge

The requirement for precision is fundamental when handing munitions and delicate components within the defence sector.

Accuracy, efficiency and reliability are paramount in all of SCX’s work, combining rigorous standards and high levels of innovation to produce specialist handling systems that comply with stringent military standards.

SCX creates bespoke solutions to precisely handle the most unusual, valuable or hazardous assets, even in extreme environmental conditions.

The Solution

SCX designs, builds, installs  and maintains some very special handling solutions.

We deliver safety-critical mechanical and EC&I systems that are focused on the reliable and repeatable handling of valuable and sensitive assets.

The earlier we understand your requirements, the more cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solution we can build.

And we’re with you all the way: from initial designs, through manufacturing and assembly, to installation and commissioning, to MRO and beyond.

Technical Details

More of our capabilities