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Bespoke Handling for Complex Spaces

Special Handling Solutions

The Challenge

Often, mechanical handling is required in buildings that aren’t all straight walls and high ceilings. Commercial handling equipment is rarely capable of tailoring its operation to accommodate such complex spaces.

This can be extremely limiting, restricting operations to lower heights of lift and reduced hook coverage. In certain situations, this could be restrictive to the point of considering new premises, something that isn’t always a realistic option.

The Solution

SCX has developed many handling solutions that are designed specifically to fit in and around awkward spaces. Some of our systems are designed to help decommission ageing nuclear buildings, or to handle defence munitions, where the option of relocating simply doesn’t exist.

As always, our approach remains consistent – to listen and understand our client’s challenge and to blend the best industry-proven equipment with our in-house engineering capability. The result is systems that are truly fit for purpose and which help our clients to achieve their operational goals.

Technical Details

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