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Nuclear Cranes

With quality and safety as priority, SCX designs high-integrity cranes and bespoke lifting solutions in compliance with the stringent regulations and critical requirements of the nuclear industry. Bespoke nuclear cranes and handling solutions from SCX have helped the decommissioning effort at nuclear facilities across the country, including Sellafield, Harwell, Hunterston, Hinkley, Trawsfynydd, Berkeley and Winfrith.

Safety and standards

Rigorous standards, combined with in-depth consultations, flexible project management, and high levels of customer care enable SCX to produce Class 1 nuclear cranes and robust, reliable nuclear engineering solutions that improve the efficiency of your operations, with safety as the top priority.

To ensure the reliability required during hazardous operations, we can offer enhanced safety features including: remote operation, automation, recovery systems, single point failure prevention, seismic testing, anti-collision provisions, condition monitoring, advanced fail-safe hoist braking systems, overload and over-speed protection, precise positioning and any number of additional safety features you may require.

Whether your application requires a completely bespoke handling solution, or a cost-effective modified-off-the-shelf system using standard cranes with enhanced features,  you can be sure that the final solution will be tailored to your exact specifications and needs, and will meet any design codes and safety requirements specific to the nuclear industry.

Remote operation and full recovery

Where containment is the primary concern, solutions can be created to be operated remotely from the hazardous environment. Remote control stations can be equipped with CCTV and all solutions will have purpose designed controls perfectly suited to the equipment in question.

Solutions can then be backed up by dual diverse and independent active safety and recovery systems, so that in the event of a breakdown on the primary control, the load can be set down in an appropriate destination before the equipment is rescued from the containment area for maintenance.

Nuclear Masts

Whilst SCX can develop cranes to lift and manoeuvre virtually any asset, it is our masts that provide the optimum solution for tool manipulation.

Their rigid construction gives stability when external forces act on the tools during use.


In addition to new installations, SCX is also able to upgrade existing lifting equipment to meet evolving needs or standards.

Refurbishments and upgrades can be undertaken when older handling equipment does not measure up to the UK’s ever-increasing safety standards.

When refurbishing a nuclear crane, a full range of modern safety and efficiency features can be introduced, to bring older systems in line with both changes in industry regulations and your evolving requirements.

This service is particularly valuable in decommissioning, enabling older, obsolete lifting equipment to be re-commissioned, at a significant lower cost compared to new cranes, and then used in the disassembly and removal of old disused facilities.

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