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Our approach

SCX is your specialist handling partner, from concept to commissioning and beyond.

1. Concept designs

SCX helps you to mitigate the risks to people and to assets inherent in lifting and handling operations.

We welcome early engagement with you on mechanical handling projects, helping to guide decision making in those all-important first phases.

2. Feasibility studies

Once the operational requirements of a project are understood, we can explore your options in deploying the most appropriate handling solution.

We can work with you to review and select the best approach and equipment to meet your needs.

3. Project design

Our designers are experts in mechanical handling. From engineering first principles to advanced EC&I systems, we design exactly the solution you need.

We bring decades of mechanical handling expertise to your project, right from the start.

4. Project delivery

SCX is as much a project delivery business as it is an engineering business.

We call on that experience to help you avoid many of the challenges that can prevent a smooth transition from design to build.

5. Machining & fabrication

SCX intimately understands the supply chain involved in bespoke mechanical handling projects.

We build solutions from the very best industry-proven components and, where specific fabrication expertise is required, we deliver it in-house.

6. Assembly & test

SCX has dedicated assembly and test facilities, where we fully build our designs and put them through comprehensive Factory Acceptance Tests.

Only then, when our customers and our engineers are fully satisfied with system performance, do they proceed to final commissioning.

7. Installation & commissioning

SCX will oversee the on-site installation and active commissioning of the systems we design and build.

We can work with your engineering and operations teams to install systems and provide operator training to complete the solution handover.

8. Service & maintenance

It is vital that mechanical handling systems designed for the safety of people and assets are kept in excellent working condition.

For in-service support, including maintenance agreements, repairs and upgrades, visit ISX.