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Automated Cranes

Automating your overhead cranes can deliver significant performance and safety benefits for your operation.

The Challenge

Streamlining operations can be achieved through improving how assets are handled, with crane systems central to this. Cranes and handling systems can be enhanced to help speed up handling tasks, improve tracking of payloads and inventory, and embrace smarter control.

To achieve and maintain high levels of efficiency, availability, simplicity and safety from high-duty handling systems, automation technologies can be integrated that offer numerous advantages over manual operation.

The Solution

SCX has extensive experience in automation solutions that optimise production, reduce human input, and minimise error across almost any industry application. Systems can be created to automatically compute process paths to find optimal routes, taking into account throughput, onward processing requirements, existing inventory, and multiple crane interactions.

Automation frees up workers for higher value duties, eliminates load damage through vastly improved positional accuracy, and reduces the risk of accident or injury from human error or fatigue. These systems are capable of recording information about loads, as well as positioning, to enable the automatic tracking and retrieval of inventory.

Technical Details

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