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Specialist Cranes

When a standard crane can’t meet your needs, SCX can design and build specialist cranes, overhead lifting and mechanical handling equipment to your exact specifications.

The Challenge

Many lifting and handling applications go beyond the capability of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

From nuclear handling to industrial lifting, specialist requirements might include anti-collision systems, remote operation, extreme temperature operating capability or radiation hardening.

The Solution

SCX has perfected the modified-off-the-shelf (MOTS) approach to provide a safe, reliable and complete solution to your handling needs.

We take the very best industry components and create a fit-for-purpose, commercially focused solution.

As well as the crane itself, as also develop bespoke lifting attachments for situations where a standard hook, grapple or magnet would be inappropriate for unique, hazardous or challenging loads.

Intelligent systems

SCX can implement intelligent automation – in full or in part – to vastly improve a system’s operational capability and safety.

Single functions can be pre-programmed to replace a complex transfer or specific manoeuvre that would prove difficult to perform manually.

Entire systems and complex processes can be automated, to synchronise multiple operations – or even multiple cranes.

SCX can build systems capable of monitoring and mapping environments in real-time 3D, responding to a dynamically  changing environment to prevent collisions during automatic operation.

We can implement systems that record and map the specifications and positions of inventory items, automatically identifying picking and placing items selected using remote cameras, bar code readers, RFI tags and more.

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