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Clean Rooms & Loose Article Control

SCX has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and commissioning of clean room cranes for a wide range of facilities. Individual solutions may focus on particular attributes such as minimal finishing to avoid flaking, kickplates and infills to prevent dropped objects, or further emphasis on securing ancillary equipment. However, they all share the same fit-for-purpose engineering expected of a crane from SCX – one that delivers safe, reliable, and repeatable, motion for decades to come.

The Challenge

We are often asked to design lifting and handling solutions for facilities where debris needs to be controlled for quality or safety reasons. Clean rooms, nuclear decommissioning, defence facilities, and aerospace manufacturing plants all need to avoid the risk of contamination, while food manufacturers strive to minimise formation of microorganisms.

The primary objective of these designs is to control debris from overhead lifting and handling systems, or to mitigate the risk of falling objects during operation and maintenance.

The Solution

Our engineers carefully consider the equipment’s construction and usage to identify potential causes of debris and how to implement effective Loose Article Control features.

The full working life of the machinery is assessed, with thought given to its through life maintenance with specific reference to lubricants, fluid drips, and mitigation against dropped objects. Our innovative solutions eliminate common causes of debris, designing out long-term contaminators such as flaking paint, swarf and oxidisation.

Technical Details

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