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Below-The-Hook Handling & Manipulation Solutions

Standard commercial cranes are excellent tools for safely lifting and lowering heavy items. However, as soon as your processes demand more than that, commercial lifting equipment very often isn’t up to the task.

The Challenge

Our customers require handling solutions that go beyond a simple hook for lifting and lowering. It’s why SCX exists: when standard commercial lifting solutions fall short.

A fit-for-purpose handling system is more than just a crane, and for many applications a simple hook doesn’t make the grade.

Customers come to us with very specific handling challenges, such as rotation, interlocking, positional accuracy, inventory tracking, environmental sensing and more.

The Solution

‘Below-the-hook’ is where SCX can engineer mechanical handling solutions that deliver precisely the manipulation and control you need, with safety and reliability always in mind.

We have designed and built devices that include bespoke interfaces, rotating and latching grapples, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, turning rigs, CCTV and barcode readers. And for applications ranging from simple mechanical interlocks to fully automated handling systems.


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