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UK Nuclear Licensed Site – Cylinder Wash Stations

Nuclear power generation is complex. The ultimate aim of releasing energy from atoms requires hundreds of supporting processes and functions to ensure controlled and contained nuclear reactions. SCX Special Projects has decades of experience in designing, engineering, building and installing fit-for-purpose handling solutions for a broad range of nuclear sector activities.

The Challenge

At our client’s site, large cylinders are used in the enrichment process of Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6). As part of the process, depleted materials known as ‘Tails’ need to be removed from the cylinders to prevent contamination.

This can be achieved via a washing process, however the cylinder’s shape, weight, limited interior access and risk of operator contamination present a number of mechanical handling obstacles.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects was commissioned to design, engineer, build and install four Cylinder Wash Stations, along with the control systems to help operators oversee the washing process.

The wash stations comprise a lifting table with a surrounding platform to allow personnel access to the cylinders. SCX’s handling solution supports, secures and manipulates the cylinders, along with the high-pressure hoses required to perform the washing and hydrostatic testing processes.

Technical Details

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