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Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station – MOTS System for Low-Level Waste Handling

Aerospace, Nuclear & Defence

The Challenge

Trawsfynydd’s Sludge Solidification Building is a central part of the site’s decommissioning efforts where active waste is encapsulated into 3m³ Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) drums.

Safe handling of the drum linings, lids, and secondary containment vessels (SCV) necessitated a remotely operated nuclear handling solution incorporating a bespoke lifting grapple that could transport payloads from the process building, onto dedicated transfer vehicles for long-term storage elsewhere.

The Solution

SCX supplied a modified-off-the-shelf (MOTS) system with a purpose-built latch plate that attaches itself via electrically operated twistlocks. This is operated in a control room through static-mounted CCTV cameras that provide sight of procedures.

The solution has been designed and tested to cope with the high number of stops and starts associated with heavy-duty industrial applications and benefits from increased reliability through the use of standardised components.

Technical Details

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