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Rolls Royce Engine Test Facility – The ‘Red Brick’

Following the success of a project to install a bespoke rotational Transporter Bridge at Rolls Royce in Derby, SCX Special Projects were commissioned to build a Test-Piece Transportation Hoist (TPTH) for use in the same facility.

The Challenge

The Transporter Bridge was designed to rotate and manoeuvre two specialist hoist & lifting frame assemblies, that Rolls Royce termed the ‘Green Brick’ and ‘Yellow Brick’.

These bricks used shot-bolt pins to couple with docking frames which in turn connected to jet engines so they could be distributed around the various maintenance bays of the facility.

The Solution

To allow an additional procedure to take place in this same facility, SCX Special Projects designed, manufactured and installed a Test-Piece Transportation Hoist (TPTH), or ‘Red Brick’.

This can be used in conjunction with the Transporter Bridge, but capable of lifting part- (90%) assembled engines via an underslung X-frame between various build and test stations.

Technical Details

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