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Petrochemical Industry Vessels – Single-Stage Demolition Mast

SCX Special Projects has created a single-stage mast assembly to enable GNAT UK’s robotic deconstruction tooling to access a series of 30m tall reaction vessels.

The Challenge

The brick linings of the vessels become worn during the manufacturing process and regularly need replacing. Manual demolition of the linings is not only time-consuming, but hazardous to health.

GNAT UK designed a remotely operated manipulator boom system complete with deconstruction tooling to remove the lining, eliminating the need to expose personnel to the hazardous process.

GNAT UK then required an access system so that their deconstruction boom could be inserted into the vessel from above and remotely controlled.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects designed and manufactured an 18m high mast assembly to enable the manipulator arm to enter and navigate the 12m drop into the vessels.

Technical Details

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