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COTS Crane for Nuclear Applications With MotoSuiveur Protection

Aerospace, Nuclear & Defence

The Challenge

A Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) crane solution is a cost-effective and easy to maintain option for nuclear applications, but will not always provide the required safety and control standards that the sector demands for effective mitigation and prevention of emergency situations.

These can take the form of uncontrolled loads caused by hoist brake, gearbox, motor, or control system failures, including overspeed and overhoist scenarios. They require near-instantaneous action when detected, plus suitable recovery options to facilitate a safe return to normal operation.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects has integrated a revolutionary load arrest device into a COTS hoist for use in setups where a bespoke solution is neither straightforward to maintain, cost-effective, or necessary.

The combination of the COTS hoist’s industry-proven technology and integral protection from the failsafe MotoSuiveur load arrest and recovery device delivers a verified nuclear crane solution that can fit the requirement of all budgets while preserving the highest operational standards.

Technical Details

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