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Bombardier, Belfast – Rotation Rig & Air-skate Trolley

SCX Special Projects created a bespoke rotation rig and integral air-skate trolley to enable the development of a new manufacturing process for the engine cowl moulds of executive jets, at Bombardier in Belfast.

The Challenge

The new process involves a clamping tool designed to compress the cowls before they are set in the oven.

In order to assemble this tool however, Bombardier required a method of safely and securely rotating the top section of the tool to facilitate assembly as well as returning the fully assembled tool and cowl into the correct orientation for oven heating.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects’ air-skate trolley enables the tool to be pushed with ease into a guide for accurate positioning inside the turning rig.

The rig must first invert the upper section of the tool 180° to enable it to then receive the lower section and resin-coated cowl.

The rig then safely inverts the entire assembly again and the air-skate trolley removes it for onward processing.

Technical Details

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