JSP 467/482 High Integrity Crane for MoD LPD

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The challenge

The Albion class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) are amphibious assault ships in service with the Royal Navy where they land Royal Marines with their vehicles and equipment ashore, by air and sea. As part of extensive refits, HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark required two new ship-sets of gantry cranes, alongside the supply of a bespoke anti-collision system.

These cranes transport weapons, explosives, and ammunition to and from landing craft within the vessels’ well docks, requiring compliance with the MoD’s JSP 467 and JSP 482 standards for power-driven lifting appliances for handling conventional and nuclear armaments.

The solution

This high-integrity lifting equipment supplied by SCX Special Projects is designed for at least 25 years of service, operating 5000 lifting cycles per year. It is also compliant with the Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment (CLAME).

These gantry cranes possess a safe working load of 4.5 tonnes and are built to compensate for
the tilt of the well-dock, to operate in turbulent ocean conditions, and to withstand the harsh maritime environment.

Steady as she goes

  • Rack-and-pinion systems on both long and cross travel prevent unwanted movement as the ship sails through various sea states
  • The anti-collision system prevents impact between other identified items of lifting equipment within the well dock and vehicle deck
  • Load cells prevent overloading, while over-speed brakes fitted to the hoist assist in assuring complete control of unexpected movement


Keeping things shipshape

  • The gantry beams are built at an angle  of 1° to the horizontal, allowing tilt during docking down for landing craft entry ensuring constant headroom and safe  operation
  • Crawl-ways provide safe access to manual recovery winches for crane retrieval in the event of a power failure
  • Slow down and stop limits are present on all travel motions, with limit and proximity switches duplicated for enhanced safety through redundancy


A safe pair of hoists

  • The two replacement cranes comprise a double beam cross-bridge and a crab unit suspended from long travel wheel carriages
  • These carriages make use of the existing port and starboard long travel beams in the well dock area of the LPD
  • Both 4.5 tonne cranes meet the stringent requirements of the MOD’s Tri-Services JSP 467 and JSP 482 standard for the safe handling of weapons


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