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The Challenge

Float Glass furnaces are vast facilities that produce sheet glass of various thicknesses, sizes and with a wide range of finishes. A complex and multi-sectioned process, each part of the production line must operate seamlessly, reliably, and around the clock.

Maintaining this uptime is achieved in part through sourcing equipment and machinery that can be easily maintained and quickly replaced with minimal disruption. The kinetic handling equipment required to do this must therefore be up to the task.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects was approached by a world leader of glass production to design and manufacture a bespoke waste barrier transporter that could withstand the high ambient temperatures found within the furnace’s vicinity, while requiring minimal maintenance.

The transporter moves the glass canal flow gate (waist pipe) into position. Small adjustments can then be made to its position to vary the onward flow of molten glass through the canal. The handling solution is therefore key to improving our clients process for production of glass.

A pane-less solution

  • The waist barrier transporter replaces the traditional manual chain, block, and trestle system with a travelling lifting frame
  • This carries a beam which in turn, is suspended from the transporter frame by two electrically driven 5-tonne duty screwjacks, used to adjust the vertical position of the barrier
  • These modern oil-lubricated screwjacks are better suited to high temperature applications, minimising the need for periodic re-lubrication


The bigger picture

  • SCX also delivered an Equipment Transportation Trolley that provides motion for effective placement and removal of process cooling pipes
  • Also delivered was the a Hoist and Geared Trolley Assembly, a 1000kg SWL close headroom hoist with an integrated geared trolley
  • The equipment proved successful, with SCX receiving repeat orders for other float glass production facilities


Controlled motion

  • Designed for a safe working load of 2000kg, the transporter is suspended upon two monorail trolleys that travel along the pre-existing runway beam
  • A pendant houses the raise and lower pushbuttons, alongside an emergency stop button which cuts all power to the control panel and stops all motion if a problem is encountered
  • Magnetic proximity switches ensure that the screwjacks stop automatically within their working limits


Let's talk more about bespoke production Line handling.

SCX Special Projects has earned a reputation for engineering, building and installing some of the most advanced handling systems for a diverse range of applications.

With an unwavering focus on safety, our engineers still explore and deliver those innovative touches that have become the hallmark of an SCX solution.

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