Crossrail Robotic Platform Door Installation Rig

Automatic screen doors on the London Underground are a familiar sight. However, installing them previously required heavy steel and glass work to be handled down from the surface for assembly and fitting.

SCX Special Projects engineered and built a robotic handling rig that brings the screen doors - by rail - straight to the platform edge.

The Challenge

The new Crossrail project in London is one of the largest construction works in the UK. The new Elizabeth line has eight new underground stations, complete with 4km of platform screen doors.

The automatic screen doors are a familiar sight, serving multiple purposes from safety to ventilation. However, installing the doors previously required all the components, including heavy steel and glass work, to be handled down from the surface and fitted in largely manual processes.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects engineered and built a robotic handling rig, mounted to a rail carriage, that brings the screen doors directly to the platform edge, fully built and ready to install.

The rig saves both time and cost, as well as being safer and more accurate than constructing the doors on the platform. The doors are pre-assembled and tested before arriving at the station. All that remains is for them to be bolted down and connected electrically.


A unique robotic handling solution

  • Complex mechanical handling, in multiple dimensions, plus failure recovery capabilities
  • Mechanical design, EC&I, assembly and test all under one roof
  • Marty Jopson, presenter of the BBC’s The One Show, described the rigs in action as “a thing of beauty!”


Ingenious engineering

  • The rig can tilt, turn and slide doors to avoid obstacles on the platform, such as structural columns and gantries
  • A key engineering challenge was the limited amount of space in which the system had to operate
  • The solution was extremely compact, yet powerful, robust and safe


Efficient and safe installation

  • The ‘track side’ installation process was quicker, safer and more accurate than the previous ‘on platform’ method
  • The door modules range from 5.5 to 6.3 metres in length, and 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes in weight
  • Over 500 platform doors were installed using our robotic rig, covering a distance of over 4km


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