What makes SCX Special Projects, special?

Bespoke, sharply-focused solutions for unique, demanding and safety-critical handling applications. We engineer mechanical, EC&I and safety systems that are focused on the reliable and repeatable handling of the most valuable and sensitive assets.

Whatever your handling challenge, we’d love to help you solve it. Talk to us today.

Let's engineer something special together

When it comes to mechanical handling, nothing scares us!

It won’t scare you either, when we’re with you every step of the way through solving your handling challenge.

Your project doesn’t need to be a multi-million pound dividing retractable football pitch, a moving roof at a famous tennis venue, or even a 125-tonne nuclear crane.

What makes our projects successful is the way we work with you; early client involvement, and the earlier the better!

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Working with SCX Special Projects

SCX Special Projects is different.

We can take your handling solution from initial concept, right through design and build, to testing and final commissioning, and ongoing servicing and maintenance.

All of our capabilities are in-house, here at SCX, guiding you from concept to commissioning and beyond:

And throughout that process, our project management, document control and SHEQ teams will ensure the timely delivery of your handling solution, documented accordingly, and to the highest standards of quality.

All we ask is that you talk to us sooner rather than later.

We have often found that important decisions are taken before consultation with specialist engineers like SCX: decisions based on limited information that can negatively impact the effectiveness, operationally and financially, of your handling solution.

Early engagement with SCX means that our experienced mechanical, EC&I and safety engineers are able to analyse your handling challenge - and determine the most appropriate solutions - to a level that others are simply unable to reach.

Some very special solutions

SCX Special Projects has delivered hundreds of bespoke engineering solutions to clients over the years. Here are a few examples that we are particularly proud of.

Why? Because they really are special...

Mast-based nuclear waste sludge pump

  • 25m long travel support span with 3m of cross travel
  • 5m vertical mast with accurate X-Y-Z pump placement
  • Integrated pump hoses and control systems


25t semi-automated nuclear Goliath cranes

  • Bespoke semi-automated cranes for a UK nuclear licensed site

  • Independent safety via our MotoSuiveur load arrest device

  • A 35-metre span travelling along 330-metre long tracks


5t integrated mast & crane rig

  • 10m telescopic mast equipped with a 5m reach manipulator
  • Designed for nuclear pond handling and retrieval
  • Remote control with full diverse recovery


Water treatment works filter bed cover

  • Three 45m span travelling and rotating gantry frames
  • Deploys 2,500m2 of cover over 18 water filter beds in 45 minutes
  • The gantries run on tracks, with slew sensors maintaining alignment


12t ILW box and drum handling crane

  • Bespoke waste handling solution for a UK nuclear licensed site
  • Latching grapple design interfaces securely with waste packages
  • Remote operation helps to minimise operator exposure


10,000t retractable football pitch

  • The world’s first dividing retractable football pitch, built for Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium in London
  • Retracts in less than 25 minutes to reveal a synthetic NFL field
  • Innovative non-contact retractable grow light truss system


'The Gherkin' building maintenance solution

  • Five mechanical handling systems for cleaning and maintenance
  • All systems retract away neatly into their own garages
  • A safety-critical design with millimetre precision and control


JSP467 sea-going cranes

  • High-integrity cranes for the handling of goods and munitions
  • Anti-uplift design with collision detection and rack-and-pinion drive
  • Designed for reliable and safe operation in rolling seas


42t + 25t jet engine transportation system

  • Two independent handling systems plus a turntable and transporter bridge
  • Extensive EC&I integration with RFID tagging and LED data displays
  • 42t system includes 4x MotoSuiveur load arrest devices


Let's talk more about special handling systems

Large scale mechanical handling projects, with their complexity and implications for human safety, can be a scary prospect. We just ask that you talk with us sooner, rather than later, to assess your needs and find the very best solution. Let's engineer something special together.

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