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Hinkley Point A and Berkeley: MILWEP Loading Cranes

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The Challenge

As part of the process of preparing waste from Hinkley Point A and Berkeley for long-term storage, Magnox commissioned a Modular Intermediate Level Waste Encapsulation Plant (MILWEP) to package the waste for storage.

Each MILWEP facility requires an overhead double girder crane that runs along concrete walls and an open gantry for the loading and unloading of 6m³ concrete boxes. To alleviate the operator’s extended exposure to the active packages, accurate remote operation was a key objective.

The Solution

Procured for Magnox by NSG Environmental Ltd, SCX engineered an innovative, fit-for-purpose handling solution based upon a versatile COTS crab and hoist design. Added capabilities included full-length maintenance platforms, safety systems, and a powered rotating hook block.

The two systems are near-identical, deploying bespoke, intermediate lifting attachments powered by a 32-way cable reeler. Coded plugs help the control system to identify each attachment, which perform a range of tasks critical to Magnox’s ongoing decommissioning efforts.

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Technical Details

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