Nuclear Decommissioning Cranes for Dounreay

11th March 2013

SCX Special Projects has recently been awarded a £3.3m contract for the provision of two process cranes and two waste retrieval cranes to be used in the decommissioning of Dounreay – one of the largest and most complex nuclear decommissioning challenges in Europe.

SCX have been commissioned to supply two 20 tonne cranes featuring automatically interchangeable grab units. One crane will remove solid and liquid waste from the plant’s 65m shaft, while the other will first remove the ‘wet’ silo roof slabs and then both liquid and solid waste from the 9m deep wet silo. Both cranes will feature independent recovery systems on all motions, capable of moving the cranes to the dedicated maintenance zones in the unlikely event of failure. Hoist recovery will be facilitated by the Motosuiveur system.

SCX Special Projects will also supply two 10 tonne transfer cranes to handle in-cell drums containing ILW and, again through automatically interchangeable lifting accessories including SCX Special Projects’ bespoke 4-pin grapple plate assembly, handle waste baskets and stillages located throughout the newly constructed shaft & silo facilities.

Work has now begun with completion and installation scheduled for the end of 2014.

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