Nuclear Crane Refurbishment at Sizewell B

06th February 2013

SCX Special Projects has recently won a prestigious contract with EDF Energy to upgrade the primary control and safety protection system of a 152 tonne Fuel Handling Crane at Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station. The crane, which also features a 5 tonne monorail auxiliary hoist, is currently used to lift items around the fuel building.

Operations in the Fuel Building, and hence lifting requirements for the crane will be changing, so prior to this, the crane is to undergo a complete replacement of the existing control and protection system in time to meet the new requirements.

SCX Special Projects’ Controls Department will upgrade the entire crane control and safety systems so as to feature two independent and diverse protection systems, replace all limit switches, positioning systems and weighing systems, and provide new motor drive systems for all axis.

Work is already underway on the one year programme, with SCX Special Projects targeting completion for early 2014.

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