Moving Humans Away from Harm

SCX designs, engineers, and builds high-integrity, radiation tolerant cranes and bespoke handling systems to move hazardous materials safely and accurately

Keep people safe in hazardous environments

Keeping the workforce safe at nuclear sites is the top priority of licence holders, with safety requirements constantly developing in order to further improve standards and minimise risk.

SCX designs, engineers, and builds high-integrity, radiation tolerant cranes and bespoke handling systems to move hazardous materials safely and accurately, while keeping people away from harm.

Our solutions are designed to be controlled remotely, through command desks in safe locations. The safety features in our solutions include CCTV feeds, condition monitoring, automation, precise positioning, anti-collision protection, and remote recovery.

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Magnox MILWEP cranes

  • Cameras and sensors are positioned across the crane
  • These feed images and data to the bespoke control desk
  • Plug pin patterns on the hook help to automate tooling changes


32t bespoke box-handling nuclear crane

  • Bespoke rotating grapple with semi-automated remote control
  • Independent safety via MotoSuiveur (MS3) load arresting device
  • Multi-layered functional safety designed to IEC 61508 standard


Berkeley active waste vault 2.5t crane

  • A modified hydraulic grab is equipped with rad-tolerant CCTV
  • A touch-screen human machine interface controls the crane
  • This shows hoist and grab positions, pressures, & load cell readings


EDF Energy 152t Nuclear Crane Class 1 Upgrade

  • Full EC&I upgrade included a remote control solution (self testing)
  • SCADA-based interface provides real-time status via crane sensors
  • Multi-layered safety design to BS12100, BS1347 and IEC61508


Multiple safety case benefits with MotoSuiveur

  • Fail-safe load arrest device secures hazardous payloads
  • Stops unintentional interlock trips for improved efficiency
  • Fewer man accesses required for maintenance and retrievals


Hunterston SILWE Import/Export System

  • Full remote recovery in the event of a hoist or power failure
  • This ensures that no personnel are exposed to an ILW package
  • Interlocks restrict operations within predefined areas


UK Nuclear Licensed Site Waste Handling

  • Two semi-automated, remotely-operated travelling Goliath cranes
  • Keeps operators at a safe distance, significantly reducing dose rates
  • Diverse and segregated control, power and safety systems


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