Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities industry often requires large-scale mechanical handling solutions. SCX Special Projects has created dozens of bespoke mechanisms, with varying levels of automation, to solve the specific challenges faced by our clients.

We not only create specialist cranes with bespoke lifting attachments for handling unusual loads, but through a thorough assessment and understanding of your exact requirements, we can develop completely unique handling systems, precisely engineered to your needs.

We create solutions capable of manoeuvring even the most delicate and obscure packages, manipulating them through different orientations and accurately positioning them in exact destinations.



SCX Special Projects’ electrical controls and automation capabilities enable handling solutions to be fully automated for improved accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Or we can design semi-automated systems to undertake more complex movements or repetitive tasks than could be safely controlled manually, yet still overseen by human operators.

Whether you need a turning rig for delicate components, specialist lifting attachments for unusual loads, bespoke access equipment or an integrated lifting, handling and load or structure movement system...

Or if you simply have a mechanical handling problem that's so unique you don't know who to ask, SCX Special Projects will work with you to turn your requirements into a complete integrated solution.



Here are a few examples of our work in the energy & utiliies sector:


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