Bespoke handling solutions with proven sector expertise

SCX Special Projects has delivered hundreds of bespoke engineering solutions, solving a vast range of unique mechanical handling challenges.

The engineering expertise from all of our previous work always proves to be valuable for the next. Every new project we undertake is bespoke because our teams always focus on meeting your specific needs.

Do take a look at our work in sectors other than your own - real innovation happens when ideas from different industries meet.

Nuclear & Defence
SCX Special Projects has over 20 years experience in the nuclear and defence sectors, from nuclear decommissioning cranes to on-board cranes for the Royal Navy.
Aerospace & Manufacturing
SCX Special Projects has engineered mechanical handling, control and automation solutions for the production lines of jet fighters to rolling plants to rail networks.
Stadia & Entertainment
Our pioneering work at Wimbledon and Tottenham Hotspur has changed what the world expects of stadia: they become multi-use spaces that respond to different needs.
Energy & Utilities
Energy production and utility management often requires heavy duty mechanical handling, and our expertise includes modern Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities.
Kinetic Architecture
Architecture no longer needs to be static. Our knowledge of large-scale moving structures enables buildings to be used in new ways, enabling architects to be even bolder.
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