Another successful year for the Wimbledon Roof

18th July 2012

Andy Murray may have just missed out this year at Wimbledon, but SCX Special Projects certainly got the right result with the retractable roof.

Despite popular belief, SCX engineers were kept very busy this year ensuring that the Wimbledon roof kept out the rain and also the sun! The roof’s Sunshade feature was in constant use keeping the sun off the royal box and the crowd.

The sunshade moves were generally undertaken between each change of ends. With just a 90 second window and with one sunshade move taking 120 seconds from the push of the button to the locks engaging, SCX’s team had to be glued to the monitors with fingers ready and poised for when game was called, which meant there were a lot of sore fingers by the end of the Championships.
All in all, the roof was moved 57 times to control the sunshade. Over the course of the championships, the roof was fully deployed and also fully retracted 13 times, the sports lights were used 11 times, and SCX’s Wimbledon Project Manager ate 16 portions of strawberries and cream!

To see in detail how the roof mechanisms work, take a look at the Wimbledon Retractable Roof Case Study.

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