Telescopic Jib Crane Integrated Deployment System

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The challenge

Abford House is a nine-storey, predominantly glass-faced building that was constructed opposite Victoria Station in London in 2009. Perched on the top is a dramatic curving roof nicknamed ‘the bonnet’, completing the building’s striking aesthetics. As a result, a unique solution was required to access the building’s exterior.
To maintain and clean the building’s external facades, a building maintenance unit (BMU) would be deployed from a crane on the top. The key challenge was not to interfere with the building’s visuals, maintaining a continuous and unbroken roofline.

The solution

SCX Special Projects designed and installed a one-of-a-kind 22-metre telescopic jib crane deployment system, integrating a section of the curved roof into the crane itself.

The crane travels the length of the building with the roof section safely secured above. Once cleaning
and maintenance work is complete, the system disappears from view, retracting back into the roof-mounted garage, with the integrated roof section acting as the garage door.

Smooth, safe deployment

  • The system rises from the garage on a large lifting table powered by four screw jacks - the lifting table carries two short sections of rail that the jib crane rides on
  • When fully raised, the rails mate with the main rails that span the roof, allowing the crane to traverse the full width of the building
  • To protect people during operation and maintenance, the system includes a mesh walkway, a fall restraint safety line system, and guard rails around the lifting table


A full range of motion

  • The 22m reach telescopic jib crane lowers a two-person cradle down the sides of the building to access the full external façade
  • This machine rotates through 360° and can pivot up and down, with the telescopic arm retracting neatly into the confined garage space, neatly hidden from sight when not in use
  • All jib crane functions can be operated from either the roof trolley or the cradle


Dynamic engineering

  • The solution is engineered to accommodate the additional weight and wind loadings resulting from the integrated roof section
  • The support structure is reinforced to ensure minimal deflection and vibration while the BMU is in operation
  • The jib crane can accommodate a load of 440kg, designed to safely facilitate the replacement of the glass façade panels


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