Pembridge Mews - Retractable Glass Canopy

When the owner of a private residence in London’s Notting Hill decided he wanted a bespoke, retractable, curved glass canopy for his patio, he hired Westarchitecture to create the design, but they required further technical expertise in order to turn the concept into reality and to create the means by which the canopy could be moved.

The client chose SCX Special Projects to create the solution due to the company’s involvement with the retractable roof for Wimbledon’s Centre Court. This project provided SCX Special Projects with the opportunity to prove that their skills can be adapted to the residential marketplace.

With the roof intended as a showpiece, and located inside somebody’s home, it would need to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but smooth, reliable and quiet in operation.

Retractable glass canopy over Pembridge Mews patio

The curved glass panelled structure covers the terrace of the residence and retracts back over the building roof when not in use. Designed to withstand cantilevered loading when deployed, a necessary requirement due to the shape of the canopy, the structure was is fully weather-proofed and built to withstand potential load conditions from the snow and wind.

The fixed length of toothed belt with caterpillar-type drive, secured to the underside of the frame, provides a drive system for the radial motion and ensures stability throughout the full range of movement, keeping the system smooth, quiet and reliable.

Toothed belt with caterpillar-type drive underneath the Pembridge Mews residential canopy

Painted to match the aluminium fascia and glazing, the 3m x 3m steel-framed glass canopy can be deployed in just 30 seconds and stopped in either the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ positions, or anywhere in-between depending upon the level of cover required.

The user interface is a simple push button system integrated into the light-switch panel inside the kitchen, whilst the electric motor drive and its control panels are located over the static roof so that they cannot be seen from the patio, but are still accessible for maintenance.

Retractable glass canopy over Pembridge Mews patio

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