Camden Market Retractable Roof

The world famous Camden Market in London receives half a million visitors a week, and located within the Stables area of the market is Gilgamesh restaurant and lounge-bar.  The venue holds live music, dance shows, functions and events, all under one roof. Or none, depending on the time of day!

The 40ft high roof consists of a curved steelwork construction with a light tensioned fabric creating a summery, marquee-style, ambient atmosphere typical of Camden town. In order to extend this open feeling, the 15,00sqft roof incorporates a retractable section to allow the sunshine to pour in on warm summer days.

Due to budget restrictions, the client required a cost-effective power and control solution for retractable section of the delicate roof, and called upon the expertise of SCX Special Projects.

Power and control solution for retractable camden market roof

A gravity-fed closure system, with a simple winch arrangement to open the panels, reduces the forces on the fragile roof construction and tensioned fabric design. This also provides a cost-effective solution, as specified by the client.

The 4.2m wide panels can be moved either individually or collectively in a staggered fashion creating a wave of movement across the roof. As well as the aesthetical advantage, the two second intervals prevent a high current surge during start up.

The panels move at 2m/min, meaning that the whole canopy can be opened out in under seven minutes.

Camden market canopy roof, partially retracted to let in sunshine

The simple control panel makes deployment as straightforward as possible, allowing any member of the restaurant staff to operate the roof. A failsafe maintained action, meaning the panels only move whilst the button is depressed, provides the operator with control over the roof at all times.

Control panel for deployment of Camden Market retractable canopy roof

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