Bridges, gates & more

SCX Special Projects has the engineering expertise to bring heavy kinetic structures under complete control.

Our team has tackled landmark structures from swing bridges to viaducts, lock gates to ship lifts, nuclear shield doors to gamma gates and more. Whatever the motion, whatever the size, we combine mechanical and EC&I engineering principles to create safe, reliable moving structures.

The Challenge

Kinetic structures are inherently challenging. Huge masses, when in motion, create extraordinary forces – those forces need to be in complete control, and at the instant command of the operator.

Interactions with other moving and static structures introduce dynamic engineering challenges, such as structural strength, effective locking mechanisms, control of dynamic loads and accurate positional feedback. And the question of human safety must always be fully answered.

The Solution

SCX specialises in making very large things move, very precisely, and very safely. Our engineers have an enviable history in moving structures, including iconic landmarks such as the Falkirk Wheel, London Eye, and Tower Bridge.

The components of a moving structure solution are similar to those of our lifting and handling solutions – motors, bogies, wheels, rails – all orchestrated by advanced EC&I control. In every instance, it's our ability to understand the forces in motion, to effortlessly control them, and to apply the first principles of engineering to create high-safety, high-integrity handling systems.

Anderton Boat Lift

  • Restoration of the only working boat lift left in England
  • The choice of hydraulic power required a modern EC&I scheme
  • A new visitor’s centre houses the upgraded control system

Lock gates

  • Dockyard and waterway lock gates across the UK
  • Various engineering packages including: design; mechanical engineering; electromechanical systems; and finite element analysis


London Eye

  • Electrical power and control distribution for the viewing capsules


Falkirk Wheel


Tower Bridge


Network Rail footbridge lifts

  • An innovative modular lift system for Network Rail’s AVA footbridge
  • Addresses numerous weaknesses of traditional lift systems
  • Reduced cost, faster build, higher reliability, lower carbon footprint


Moving bridges

  • Numerous moving bridges across the UK and Europe
  • Projects include: Lowry Footbridge; Gateshead Millennium Bridge; Malmo Swing Bridge; Irvine Bridge; and Science Bridge Glasgow


Halley Ice Station

  • Mechanical and EC&I design for raising and lowering legs
  • Proof of concept and testing work, through to commissioning
  • Work included both Halley 5 and Halley 6 stations


Locomotive Bridge, Huddersfield

  • Upgrade of an historic 19th century canal lift bridge in Yorkshire
  • All mechanicals renovated and new control systems added
  • Original windlass mechanism replaced by electrical motors



Safety in motion

Safety is always paramount. Our TUV-certified engineers work alongside the mechanical and electrical teams to ensure all aspects of safety are addressed.

And for structures that need to move in public spaces, provable safety becomes even more of a priority.

Our reputation in delivering safe moving structures is without question. SCX designed, built and installed the world's first 10,000-tonne retractable pitch at Tottenham Hotspur can be safely operated by just two banksmen.

And our 1,000-tonne concertina roofs at Wimbledon - over Centre Court and No.1 Court - can both be safely moved over a stadium packed with people, players and even the Royal Family.

Let's talk more about bridges, gates and more...

SCX understands exactly how to get heavy kinetic structures under complete control. Talk to us today.

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