Qatar - Retractable Fan Zone Roof

SCX Special Projects, in conjunction with Fabric Architecture, has created a retractable roof for a mobile Fan Zone originally located in Doha, Qatar.

Built to screen the FIFA World Cup Brazil tournament 2014, the Fan Zone is large enough to shelter the country’s largest LED panoramic display, plus various relaxation and games areas including human table football. The open-air venue’s retractable roof provides an escape from the extreme temperatures.

Because the entire stadium can be dismantled and rebuilt anywhere else in the world, SCX Special Projects’ EC&I Department had to create a system that could be easily disassembled and re-erected by non-qualified electricians.

Qatar retractable fan zone being assembled

Specially-designed tracks suspended from the seven trusses of the roof frame support eight 19m x 13.6m fabric roof sections, individually operated by SCX Special Projects’ plug-and-play-type power and control system. Individually numbered plugs and sockets with coding pins enable fool-proof reassembly of all the cables and motors.

Trusses of the retractable fan zone roof in Qatar

The roof is driven by 32 continuous belts, housed inside the tracks. Seven folds of fabric on each section hang from a total of 224 trolleys suspended from the belts, with each fold being drawn out one by one as the roof closes.

Filters compensate for the inconsistent power supply in Qatar, or other potential locations, and motor chokes ensure a consistent feed from the 200m long cables. Variable Speed Drives provide a smooth acceleration and deceleration of the roof panels.

Half retracted Qatar retractable fan zone roof

Cabinets housing all the controls are located in a climate controlled room only accessible by authorised persons. The roof is operated from two identical panels, one for each group of four sails. To keep costs low, only one sail can be moved at any one time. Using the controls mounted to the front of the enclosures, the user is able to select the required sail at the push of a button.

The panels are then operated via a twist and hold mechanism for safety purposes, with rotary limit switches to automatically stop the sails at the fully extended or retracted position. An emergency stop and safety rest system provide a secondary safety backup.

Controls mounted to the front of the enclosures for the Qatar retractable roof

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