SCX Team Completes the 2016 Yorkshire Marathon

12th October 2016

A team from SCX are celebrating after raising around a thousand pounds for a children’s charity by completing this year’s Yorkshire marathon.  Darren Bunker, Daniel Salthouse and Michael Harrison, took part in the event to support the ‘Make it Better Appeal’ at Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital.

Just before the start of the race. (L to R) Darren Bunker, Daniel Salthouse, Michael Harrison

Darren Bunker works as a Design Engineer at SCX Special Projects. Like all the team members he’d put in many months of training in preparation for the big day. “The atmosphere throughout was brilliant. There was support of some kind at every corner, village or junction. There were brass bands, bag-pipers, folk singers not to mention well-wishing vicars and flag waving school kids, who handed out jelly babies and oranges along the way.”

Darren was a bit concerned before the event because of a previous knee injury, which had given him some trouble during training. “I was aiming at a time of less than four hours, so for me 4 hrs and 1 minute on the day was slightly disappointing, but a combination of the issues with my right knee and the overall distance took its toll. That said it was an amazing thing to do. I love running but I think I might stick to half marathons and triathlons in the future.”

For Engineering Manager Daniel Salthouse, the event also proved to be a testing experience. “My wife and kids came along to support me, which was great, and things were fine until about the half way stage when my legs just seized up. I’d easily run 20 miles without any problems just a few weeks previously, but these things happen and you just have to take things steady.”

Daniel added “I think I’d like to do another marathon, because my race didn’t reflect my training, but it was still a great event and I’m really pleased we managed to raise some money for the charity.”

The third member of the team, Michael Harrison has only been with SCX a few months following a career in the Army.  He now works as a Control Systems Engineering Technician.

“The atmosphere combined with my family, who popped-up at various points during the race, really kept me going. I felt great up to the 20 mile marker, but then I started to get problems in my left knee and foot. I decided to slow down rather than risk an injury that might stop me from finishing.”

He added: Seeing the finishing line was something else, and knowing the end was in sight made the pain in my legs disappear. I managed to sprint the last 500m overtaking ten other runners and crossed the line in 3 hours 32 minutes and 18 seconds.”  

Caitlin Hallatt, Community Fundraising Assistant at The Children’s Hospital Charity said; “We’re so proud of everyone at SCX for running the Yorkshire Marathon for us. Every step they take will help make it better for young children at Sheffield Children’s Hospital by funding two new physiotherapy rooms in the new hospital wing.”

SCX Group Managing Director Simon Eastwood said “I’d like to add my personal congratulations to the team. I know they trained hard throughout the summer and clearly put in a great effort on the day. We’re all very proud of them."