Orders Top £40m

07th September 2016

Apprentices Aaron Cassidy and Daniel Young helping to refurbish cranes at Tyler Street factory site

Apprentices Aaron Cassidy and Daniel Young helping to refurbish overhead
cranes at Tyler Street factory site

Orders across the SCX group have reached a record £40m so far this year.

SCX Group Managing Director, Simon Eastwood, said: “We’ve seen the largest influx of orders in the company’s history, which means expansion both in terms of creating around twenty new jobs by the end of 2016 and establishing a new factory close to our Sheffield headquarters.”

Around £2m has been invested in redeveloping the site on Tyler Street. It will provide around 30,000 sq ft of factory space and 10,000 sq ft of offices.

The complex will be the new home to Street CraneXpress, the group’s crane maintenance and repair division. SCX Special Projects, the division that built the retractable roof at Wimbledon’s Centre Court, is expanding and will also be using part of the facility.

The Tyler Street complex has seen the installation of a new roof, lighting, alarm systems, a general refurbishment along with new cranes and other equipment. There will also be training and classroom facilities for the SCX Academy and offices for design and engineering staff.

Simon Eastwood added “Our apprentices have played a pivotal role in refurbishing the Tyler Street site, and it’s only fitting that it will become their new home as part of our training academy. Our apprentices are the future of SCX, and the industry and I’m very proud of what they’ve achieved.”

The site is set to be officially opened in October.