Crane relocation and upgrade for Peel Ports

22nd January 2013

steel cranes crab upradeStreet CraneXpress has just completed a crane upgrade and relocation project at Peel Ports steel stockholders in Liverpool, in order to support an increase in production. 

By replacing the crab units, the two Street cranes have been uprated from 30 tonnes to 32.75 tonnes – this being the maximum SWL that the crane bridges could support. To meet the higher work duty cycles that the client is planning, the hoists were also upgraded from M5 to M7. The cranes have also been given new control panels, which were fitted independently to the walkway. To supply the larger motors, Street CraneXpress engineers also upgraded the wiring.

Steel Crane crab replacementsOriginally, the two cranes were located together in one of the two bays of the facility. A major part of this project was to remove one of the cranes from this first bay and relocate it in the second, but facing the opposite direction. This now means that Peel Ports can use these two uprated cranes to unload the lorries which will bring the steel coils into both bays of the facility.