Could You Save Energy and £££s with Variable Speed Drives?

08th November 2011

VSD imageryEnergy demand is on the rise and so are government targets for energy efficiency. So chances are your company (or your customers) are setting similarly steep targets. By installing VSDs you not only help meet these targets, but could see a ROI having paid off the initial costs and be saving £££s on your energy bills in as little as 3-4 months*. 

How does it work?

Imagine driving a car flat-out 100% of the time. You wouldn’t keep your foot on the accelerator when you hit the brakes; this would be highly inefficient. Similarly, running a motor, pump or compressor in this way also wastes energy, but this is effectively what is happening when a system runs at full power and then uses mechanical control to throttle the output.

Variable speed drives however, control the output at the source, running the pump or fan only at the speed required. And when you consider that a centrifugal pump or fan running at half speed consumes only one eighth of the power of one running at full speed (because the torque required is the square of the volume), you can start to see where the energy, and so cost, savings add up.

Contact your local Burnand XH branch to arrange a demonstration and/or energy audit to find out how much you could save.


* Schneider Electric average client feedback